The Mission: Impossible Tape Scenes

In May of 2024, I received an e-mail from Robert Bois, who had created an Excel spreadsheet which contained data similar to my Mission Impossible Tape Scenes page, but with much more detail: episode number, air date, writer, director, main cast of characters by season, other significant team members appearing on the show, tape scene comments, the tape destruction message, and the episode number by air date.

With Bob's permission, I have decided to update my previous page with a PDF file he created from Excel, with many thanks to Susan Walter and Richard Ovenall who helped me with the original that goes back as far as 1998 (and likely even earlier) on MJQ.NET.

Here is some further information about the spreadsheet: "In the cast of characters columns, greyed columns indicate that character was not on the show during that season (for example, Jim Phelps is greyed out under his name for Season #1). Red shades indicate that the character was a part of the particular season but was not on that particular episode. An “X” is only used for episodes in Season #1 showing that Dan Briggs was not a part of the Episode’s story line but was part of the tape scene and perhaps also the apartment scene. Also, of note, because many of the tape scenes were used on more than one episode, I also cross reference them to the other episodes where they are used."

The PDF file looks best when viewed on a computer with at least 150% magnification in your PDF viewer.

Click HERE to see the PDF file.

Thanks, Robert!

Also available to view -- the disc scenes plus episode reviews from the 1988 REBOOT of Mission: Impossible.